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I could go into all the wonderful attributes of this fantastic man but anyone knowing him is quite familiar with them all.  No - this is a personal, selfish post about receving the single BEST hugs I've every received in my life. If and when you were blessed enough to receive a hug from this wonderful dad and popsie, you felt that you were the most important person to this man for those couple of minutes (a few minutes if you were lucky).  When he lost his beautiful Ag -  she's the only reason I put lipstick on to this day -  it was clear a part of him went with her. Yet he moved forward with strength, drive and compassion as the patriarc of his family filling in whatever gaps he could for his girls and grandchildren with her loss.  

I truly loved Bob.  He was a beautiful man inside and out.  He'll obviously be missed by his family and friends.  I will miss his smile, his humor, his hugs, and the joy of seeing him interact with his family.  As they say in the Jewish religion "May his death be for a Memory" -   All things spiritually beautiful.   

I'm sure you're at peace and dancing with your Aggie....  You both were blessings to more people than you know.        Love, Enid




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He always called me "his gal"...if I was traveling he would ask my Mom, "How is my gal, where is she off to??"...and then when I would visit him, the first thing he'd do is exclaim: "Here is my gal", and then proceed to give you one of those epic bear hugs.  My grandfather radiated love.  He made strangers feel like best friends.  He made friends become part of the family.  For our family, he gave us everything: guidance, love, humor (oh, the laughter), encouragement, and each other.  My heart is so broken at the loss of "my pal", but I'm grateful that he's resting with my grandmother.

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Story shared: Nice to meet you, Bob and Ag! When I was dating Bob's youngest daughter, Robbie; she always called her folks Bob and Ag.  So, I (naturally) assumed EVERYBODY called them Bob and Ag.  After a number of dates; it was time to meet the parents.  I (again, naturally) greeted them by their names, Bob and Ag.  Robbie was aghast; but they still embraced me.  Bob always gave more than he received; the people who loved him got it back in spades.  I was lucky to know him.

Thanks, Bob!

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